Saturday, April 18, 2009

what to get us for Christmas


  1. I can't help but think that there is a feud going on. I hope I'm just imagining it.

    also, could you guys post the lyrics for your new album? I'm enjoying it very much.

  2. what feud?? here are the lyrics!

    Tail & Mane

    I painted the tail and mane of the horse I stole today
    I'll ride right out of town and then I'll be on my way
    I'll find you

    I used to live on main street in the center of everything
    I would watch the morning traffic
    I could hear the church bells ring

    I look around
    It's very clear
    Everyone belongs somewhere

    If I could find my way back to you

    I love you!

    I ride 'long side the highway
    Fast as any car can go
    I thought I would surely find you
    But I'm just so far from home

    There's no reason to pretend
    I know this may be the end

    If I could find my way back to you

    What You Can't See Is

    Part of me
    You're only really seeing part of me
    Got stuck on three
    Though there are more that hide behind a screen
    Like a bride whose eyes I might reveal

    Why should this wall be right in front of me?
    Shadows all that I can ever see

    Perfectly perfectly small
    Just the start of it
    That's all we may ever get

    Deeper still
    There is a fault beneath me deeper still
    All we know
    Perfectly small,
    Just the start of it
    That's all we may ever get

    Blue Tears

    Stolen all my energy
    A hive without a honeybee
    Now I'll never find a way

    Yellow fever burns my face
    Maybe it will never break
    This could be my final day!

    These blue tears run down my cheek
    Fill my mouth, I cannot speak
    Run, run, run down my cheek
    This isn't me

    Doubles will appear to you
    Troubles will increase by two
    That's what all the doctors say

    Has there ever been a time
    When happiness and health were mine?
    Seems so very far away


    Late at night
    When I'm awake
    And everyone has gone to sleep

    I hear a noise
    From far away
    It's like nothing I've ever heard

    I asked my brother
    "What is that sound
    That keeps me from sleeping?"

    He said, "Every time we turn around
    The moon is laughing at us"

    Now I know the truth
    But I can't keep still
    That frightening sound's still haunting me

    You know by now
    He would've seen it all
    Just like the rest
    We'll come and go

    The Loving Sun

    Don't wanna give yourself away
    You can't imagine giving in
    Even trees will bend a little bit for the wind

    Thought every thing was chosen for you
    Said, "Count to seventeen by twos
    If you can then all your dreams start coming true"

    Carelessly the summer flew and time was borrowed
    Constantly the trade winds blew and fortune followed
    Like a flipped coin into the sky, the loving sun

    Don't you know the frenzy's feeding on you?
    Your feet are free to take the lead
    And you know they'll go just where you wanna be

    Gotta Get Into that Feeling

    Gotta get into that feeling
    I would escape out of the ceiling

    I can't relax now that it's time
    It's gotta be time

    I'd like to freeze and never move again

    I can't relax now that it's time
    I can't relax now that it's mine

    I can't respond now that I'm here -
    Why should I be here?

    One Block Wonders

    Flower bloom beneath my room
    Banish all this winter gloom

    It's been so many endless months
    That we have never seen the sun

    Into the clouds and over the plain
    Now I can't hear you calling my name
    They say all things must fade away
    But I refuse to stay
    To hear you call my name

    The Cage

    We're batting our wings
    Against the wall
    We're batting our wings
    And maybe we'll fall

    The cage is today!

    The light's turning on
    I see all the shades
    The light's turning on
    How long will it stay?

    In it a minute
    And we're gone

    You said look behind
    What came before
    But how can you tell the sea from the shore?
    The moment to us
    Is always done
    Nothing becoming, the many or the one

    The year is new
    It came in a flash
    The year is new
    It already passed


    Peals of thunder, you galvanize me
    I found shelter way up in a tree
    While you pulled down the rain
    I can't even explain how it made me feel

    It was quiet the moment when you came
    And you dared not show me your face
    So you blackened the sky
    And you doused all the lights
    And it rained for nights

    Fields of poppy, you hypnotize me
    Now the storm made its way back to the sea
    And I saw the clouds
    Through a hole in the ground
    Drift under me

    I'll Take the Long Way

    Far away
    The years together
    When do we know?

    Move us along
    Recount the weather
    Here's where we go
    The pattern's forever

    With you, I'll take the long way

    Weary we grow
    Anticipating what's never found

    Walk below
    The tallest trees are shading
    We turn around
    While twilight is fading

    With you, I'll take the long way home

    New Spell

    You promised me you'd tell no lies
    But I can see it's in your eyes

    So now I have to read your mind
    To see what I can find

    I thought we set the perfect scene
    Of modern love, but it can't be

    The world may really want to change
    But for now it's still the same

    But I've got a new spell
    Be careful what you say and do
    Yeah I've got a new spell
    Be careful what you say and do

    You've changed

  3. So nice reading these words, after all, I was making half of them up!

    Perfect= Biking Cryptacize Spring Streets + Pear Tree Blossoms

  4. 'the cage' reminds me of a song by roo ra; it's a Korean pop music group, I'm almost certain you haven't heard of them because they're cheesy and "so 90s".

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the new material!

  5. Haha what to get me for Christmas too!
    I kinda wish that guy was my godfather or something... I imagine he has chests full of that type of instrument in his attic- ok maybe not... but it was a good thought.

    I'm loving the album too!!! In regards to music, you have already made this year worth while. Thanks for posting the lyrics also... I enjoy reading feelings.

    It seems I'm not going to be able to see a show though... by the time you come through Portland I'll be working in Memphis and by the time you likely roll through Memphis I'll be bumming in Thailand. I swear I'm not running away from your shows intentionally though....

    There will be a day.

  6. missing lyrics from 'The Cage'

    tomorrow's colors painted today
    seen every bottle?? from yesterday

    are they right?

  7. the lyrics are absolutely amazing

  8. Yes, lyrics! Thanks so much for posting these. By the way, I don't know if I told Nedelle in my email, but you guys are welcome to use the review I wrote for any publicity stuff if you so choose. It's on my Google blog "Jessicana." Yay! Keep up the inspiring musical goodness.

  9. tomorrow's colors painted today
    scenery borrowed from yesterday

  10. absolutely in love with cryptacize. you galvanize me.

  11. Is "got stuck on three" about dimensions?