Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Mix #6

Here's a mix I made of some of my very favorite jams

Love, Nedelle

1. Nina Simone "Please Read Me"
2. The Bee Gees "Please Read Me"
3. Biff Rose "Shell of a Man"
4. The Nu-Sounds "I Fall Asleep Counting My Blessings"
5. Billie Holiday "I Get Along Without You Very Well"
6. Art Tatum "Over the Rainbow"
7. Prince and the Revolution "Teacher, Teacher"
8. Denise Darlington "War No Right"
9. Shirley Ellis "The Clapping Song"
10. The Acoustix "River of No Return"
11. Judy Garland (Untitled)
12. Bobby McFerrin "Blackbird"
13. Abida Parveen "Ho Jamaalo"
14. Dion and the Belmonts "Where or When"
15. Stevie Wonder "Never Had a Dream Come True"

Download Here