Monday, February 23, 2009

the mummy vs. dracula vs. zombie

mix #2 -"find someone"

songs about looking for something or just beautiful songs.

please give Richard Harris a chance! 
get inside of his brain!   

the rest is sweet candy:

1. Rev. Utah Smith "Take A Trip"
2. Lol Coxhill "A Series of Superbly Played Mellotron Codas" 
3. Ann Peebles "Make Me Yours"
4. Bo Diddley "Down Home Special"
5. The Marvelettes "My Baby Must Be A Magician"
6. Tom Ze "A Briga Do Edificio Italia Com O Hilton Hotel"
7. Prez Prado "Tacuba"
8. Rahsaan Roland Kirk "Search for the Reason Why"
9. Roy Orbison "Dream"
10. Richard Harris "Watermark"
11. Duke Ellington "Sunswept Sunday"
12. Les Paul "Lover"
13. Harry Partch "Annah the Allmaziful"
14. Harmonizing Four "Motherless Child"
15. TheTeethe "One Last Kiss On the Lips Over+Over+Over+Over"
16. Catherine Ribeiro "Lumiere Ecarlate"
17. Nino Rota "La Porticina Nascosta"
18. The Nu Sounds "Chicago USA"
19. Shankar Jaikishan "Jaisa Mera Roop Rangila"
20. Ariel Pink "Higher and Higher"

Monday, February 16, 2009

mix #1 - "a rainbow's revenge"

since finishing our album Mythomania, I've been rediscovering listening to music for pleasure !
as everyone knows, there is so much music available everywhere and for free. it's like a dream come true to me - anything I ever want to hear. 
well anyway, I'm going to make a bunch of mixes -

and here's the first one:

(60 min. long)
1. Arbee Stidham "Please Let It Be Me"
2. The Howling Hex "Pair Back Up Mass With"
3. Gershon-Kingsley "Pixillation"
4. J.A. Adofo & City Boys Int'l "Medo Wiase"
5. The Coasters "I'm a Hog For You, Baby"
6. Bird Names "???" (from new one)
7. Jose Mauro "Obnoxious"
8. The Pearl Sisters "The First Love"
9. Huey "Piano" Smith "Little Lize Jane"
10. Moondog "Rabbit Hop"
11. Perez Prado "Syncopated Clock Mambo"
12. Luiz Bonfa "Murder"
13. Joe Harriott "Abstract"
14. Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake "Laura"
15. Sathyam "Pranaya Ragavahini" from Maayaa Mascheendra
16. Baby Washington "You Never Could Be Mine"
17. The Shangri-Las "Simon Says"
18. Les Paul "Brazil"
19. Promteo Quartet & Lost Cloud Quartet "Ballo/bal"


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The No Kids Musical- In the Yard, Havin' Fun

From January 28-Feb 7 Chris and I went to Vancouver to be in a musical written by our friend Nick K from the band 'No Kids'. It was incredibly fun and incredibly decadent. Vancouver's a strange city. We visited the Vancouver Police Museum, a totally bizarre, archaic, and at times offensive museum, complete with dioramas of famous Vancouver murders, a 'gun room', and a fake morgue in the back with real body parts covering the walls. We ate lots of delicious, cheap Japanese food, which is hard to come by in the bay area.
The musical was called "In the Yard, Havin' Fun," it was about prisoners and prison workers. I played a worker who was stuck in the laundry room, but dreamed of love and a better life, and Chris played bass and drums simultaneously in the "pit orchestra" (which consisted of Nick and Chris).
We hung out with some wonderful people in the process- Maurina, Julia, Justin, Veda, Duffy, Ryan, Tygh, Danielle, and Nick of course.
We'll be selling the cast recording at our next few shows, and a dvd is being made too!
Here are some pics and a couple of the songs.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


and now we would like to introduce to you the newest Cryptacizer -

this guy!

Aaron Olson -
he plays the bass.

our first show with Aaron's going to be on Feb. 27th at Great American Music Hall in SF. Opening for St. Vincent in the NoisePop fest! with Rafter and That Ghost

come say hi if you're in the Bay Area and meet Aaron!