Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Mix #6

Here's a mix I made of some of my very favorite jams

Love, Nedelle

1. Nina Simone "Please Read Me"
2. The Bee Gees "Please Read Me"
3. Biff Rose "Shell of a Man"
4. The Nu-Sounds "I Fall Asleep Counting My Blessings"
5. Billie Holiday "I Get Along Without You Very Well"
6. Art Tatum "Over the Rainbow"
7. Prince and the Revolution "Teacher, Teacher"
8. Denise Darlington "War No Right"
9. Shirley Ellis "The Clapping Song"
10. The Acoustix "River of No Return"
11. Judy Garland (Untitled)
12. Bobby McFerrin "Blackbird"
13. Abida Parveen "Ho Jamaalo"
14. Dion and the Belmonts "Where or When"
15. Stevie Wonder "Never Had a Dream Come True"

Download Here


  1. Thanks for the tunes!

  2. wonderful music, thanks!
    and come to Spain in 2010!!!

  3. You guys were wonderful on New Year's Eve at Lincoln Hall and Chris was pleasant to meet. Good luck in 2010, you guys deserve it.


  4. Wow. A Biff Rose song! If there is a story behind why you included this song I would love to hear it! He's super interesting, and currently a lunatic!

  5. i met biff rose in '04 when my friend thom recognized him in new orleans at a show. he played us songs back at his house. i've been thinking about putting the video footage i took that night up on youtube. i really love his music!

  6. charlotte samplingJanuary 11, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    thanks yous thousand times for your nice mix

    "please read me" on and on

    happy new year dear cryptacize


  7. that's hilarious. pls post that footage on your blog when you upload it to youtube. i have a similar story, met biff back in 98 in SF when he was sleeping on my friend's couch, where he was crashing for a number of years. ended up spending the day with him exploring the city, meeting a bunch of old burnouts he knew from over the years. i was 16 at the time, before i had even heard Hunky Dory... he was kind of bigoted then, and then over the years i realized how insane he was via his website. but thanks for including this song on your mix. hadn't thought of him for a long time, and his older songs are really something special. love your band, btw. peace.

  8. eh... and not to belabor it... just thought i'd share what i recently dug up...

    robert christgau on biff rose

    bowie covering the biff rose song "buzz the fuzz"

  9. Charlotte SamplingMay 18, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Hey Hey lovely Cryptacize guys !

    What's up with the next mix ?