Monday, February 16, 2009

mix #1 - "a rainbow's revenge"

since finishing our album Mythomania, I've been rediscovering listening to music for pleasure !
as everyone knows, there is so much music available everywhere and for free. it's like a dream come true to me - anything I ever want to hear. 
well anyway, I'm going to make a bunch of mixes -

and here's the first one:

(60 min. long)
1. Arbee Stidham "Please Let It Be Me"
2. The Howling Hex "Pair Back Up Mass With"
3. Gershon-Kingsley "Pixillation"
4. J.A. Adofo & City Boys Int'l "Medo Wiase"
5. The Coasters "I'm a Hog For You, Baby"
6. Bird Names "???" (from new one)
7. Jose Mauro "Obnoxious"
8. The Pearl Sisters "The First Love"
9. Huey "Piano" Smith "Little Lize Jane"
10. Moondog "Rabbit Hop"
11. Perez Prado "Syncopated Clock Mambo"
12. Luiz Bonfa "Murder"
13. Joe Harriott "Abstract"
14. Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake "Laura"
15. Sathyam "Pranaya Ragavahini" from Maayaa Mascheendra
16. Baby Washington "You Never Could Be Mine"
17. The Shangri-Las "Simon Says"
18. Les Paul "Brazil"
19. Promteo Quartet & Lost Cloud Quartet "Ballo/bal"



  1. alright, mixlist! cool

  2. great!!! Thanks! I love lots of the artist that appear here! In the mag I colaborate there's a pocast where U appear (Heaven Is Human) in the context of the 20 anonymous songs of 2008 (brilliant songs that have not appeared in the most known indie charts of the world. Check It, Its only until today...

    You also appear in the best 100 international album list!

  3. I was listening to your mix, when my mom asked me where I got it. she then went on to tell me that she used to listen to The Pearl Sisters back in her day. that made me smile.

  4. my soul has been cured of chronic boredom...thanks for the antibiotic Cryptacize!

  5. that telugu song that you posted in your mix (#15) is from an old telugu film called Maayaa Mascheendra (1975). The music was composed by a dude named Sathyam and it was sung by SP Balasubrahmanyam & P Suseela. You can find more old telugu songs at this website . I am telugu and I was excited to see that you posted this song!


  6. thanks for the info Praveen! I've got to check out the link...
    Sathyam rules!

    so does the rest of that comp. I took the track from.

    we actually used samples from it on our new record.. just little keyboard bits..

  7. great mix!

    i've been looking everywhere for joe harriot's "abstract" album?
    a small request...