Sunday, February 15, 2009

The No Kids Musical- In the Yard, Havin' Fun

From January 28-Feb 7 Chris and I went to Vancouver to be in a musical written by our friend Nick K from the band 'No Kids'. It was incredibly fun and incredibly decadent. Vancouver's a strange city. We visited the Vancouver Police Museum, a totally bizarre, archaic, and at times offensive museum, complete with dioramas of famous Vancouver murders, a 'gun room', and a fake morgue in the back with real body parts covering the walls. We ate lots of delicious, cheap Japanese food, which is hard to come by in the bay area.
The musical was called "In the Yard, Havin' Fun," it was about prisoners and prison workers. I played a worker who was stuck in the laundry room, but dreamed of love and a better life, and Chris played bass and drums simultaneously in the "pit orchestra" (which consisted of Nick and Chris).
We hung out with some wonderful people in the process- Maurina, Julia, Justin, Veda, Duffy, Ryan, Tygh, Danielle, and Nick of course.
We'll be selling the cast recording at our next few shows, and a dvd is being made too!
Here are some pics and a couple of the songs.


  1. Hey guys! Great, quirky little show you guys were a part of! I was very happy I was able to make it out to the Thursday show!

    Chris, woulda loved to see you come out from 'the pit'. Very cool to see an Asthmatic Kitty in Vancouver!

  2. fun fun! downloading the songs now! wish I could see a vidjo of the performance.... (?)