Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Europe + UK sights

hey there

it's been a while, we've been computerless in foreign lands,
but we're finally getting around to this again...

the shows over here have been amazing!
we've met many wonderful people, heard, seen and tasted some incredible things -

'roof dog'!!!

pagan rites on the way to Exceter

at our Union Chapel show in London w/ Final Fantasy,
this place was big, beautiful and soo echoey!!!

Gent, Beligum

D-Day re-enacters in Normandy -
also, Obama was in town...

these ones are from the coast of Scotland, near Ayr

Tartan factory in Edinburgh

Scottish hairstyles and fashionz through the ages

Mike's favorite activity during our many ferry rides

climbing outside Quilit-Quilit in Bethune, France


  1. glad to see aaron is representing del mar in europe. but i think mom gave that sweatshirt to me. but that's ok, i stole your bucky's bleacher creatures tee.

  2. hey brother,
    you're totally right.

  3. nice bloggggggggggggggggggggggggg