Monday, June 22, 2009

New 7" on Slowboy

We're starting a U.S. tour tomorrow with a new 7" in tow. You can't tell by this picture, but they're hand-printed silver and white, OR silver and black. Clear vinyl.
Our tourdates are in an earlier post- they're mostly with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, which we're very excited about!
See you soon!

the 7" is also available at:


  1. i want it! but it's all in german, do we just email slowboy?

  2. sure you can email, their names are andreas and jan.
    or you can just come to a show (it'll be cheaper) if we're playing anywhere you live..

  3. oh man... just scrolled down to disappointment. no New Orleans gig. i'll keep hoping for one though...

  4. save me one! it's tk! i just got home last night and boy am i tired. you guys are road warriors! come home sooooon.

  5. there's always a shirt for you TK! so glad you're home safely. i'm counting down the days til our LA adventures!!!

  6. I totally missed this on the merch table last night, no doubt because Owen was hogging all of the real estate! ;)

    Ah well, I'll grab it next time around...

  7. Anymore of these left for Chicago?

    Also, if you'd be so kind as to check out this little puppet rock musical I made about the benefits of tea I would appreciate it. I can't paste the link for some reason but if you search "The Oolongs" on YouTube it's the first option.

    See you tonight!

  8. if you read this know that its a 45, and its amazing. I should have bought two.

  9. i hope one day you can come to australia. come to australia.