Wednesday, July 22, 2009

studio city

we haven't checked in with the blog in a while...

how are you ?

we were gone forever it seemed like!

the tour with Casiotone was awesome -
we played at What the Heck Fest in Anacortes WA, saw lots of really great bands, put on another production of Nick Krgovich's musical "In the Yard, Havin' Fun" (this time I got to play Nedelle's love interest!), got funny looking sunburns.

right now, Nedelle and I are back in California, relaxing and reorienting at my parents' place in LA. I wish we had some pictures to post up here from the tour for you - we saw lots of good things - but the camera got left behind...
maybe there'll be photos later ?

for now we're just laying low, making up some new music, going swimming.

we have more touring planned in the fall and winter
but Mike won't be joining us -
Nedelle, Aaron and I have all decided to move to LA, unfortunately Mike has not.
he loves living in Berkeley, or rather, would not love living in LA. which we understand.
but we're going to miss him!

more soon,


  1. Yo C,

    The next tour better include Montreal again. You're welcome to come crash at wherever I'll be by then. You guys are the coolest.

    Later Days,

    - Lukas

  2. we'll miss Mike too! Glad to hear the rest of the tour went well - y'all were enchanting in NYC. Come back in the fall!

  3. Heck Fest was awesome, and you guys were a big reason why. I bought Mythomania and cannot stop listening to it. I hope your fall/winter touring includes Olympia, or at least a stop somewhere in Washington. You can sleep in my house and pet my cat.

  4. lukas- email us at so i can write you back and ask you a question!