Friday, November 20, 2009

photo grab bag '09

'carpool ghoul'
(*this person in the back seat is not real!)


  1. Hello Cryptacize! Oh how I love you... Anyway, after your dreamy show at the Echo Curio in LA this past summer, I was speaking with Nedelle and mentioned that I was at and crappily recorded a show that she did (with Chris on drums) at the Pergolesi Cafe in Santa Cruz in 2006. I told her I'd get it to her somehow and here it is, finally. (I promise, not a virus):

    Complete with espresso machines and amp malfunctions. Again, crappily recorded with my MP3 player in mono but I guess that's what makes it charming? Oh and here's a picture that my friend took:

    Thank you guys so much for existing. See you soon!


  2. Hey Guys,

    I was wondering if your cover of "Peg" is available anywhere for purchase. I looked on Itunes and Amazon and did not see it. Let me know, I love this track! Thanks. :o)

  3. here you go, Jess -