Monday, June 22, 2009

New 7" on Slowboy

We're starting a U.S. tour tomorrow with a new 7" in tow. You can't tell by this picture, but they're hand-printed silver and white, OR silver and black. Clear vinyl.
Our tourdates are in an earlier post- they're mostly with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, which we're very excited about!
See you soon!

the 7" is also available at:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Tail & Mane" video by Vim Crony

on a sunny day in Long Beach, CA - filmmaker Vim Crony had us set up and play in his backyard for a video of the song "Tail & Mane" -
(before Aaron joined the band...)

please enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a note from the backseat

it's overcast. i'm hungover. yesterday we got detoured for 2 hours because of a d-day anniversary parade. 65th anniversary- is that a round enough number for such balleyhoo? these french tolls are verging on piracy! i keep taking off and on my sweathshirt like a maniac. feeling a bit feverish, a bit panicked. this constant movement, let me tell you...
one time my brother said, "i wonder if your brain will develop a certain way over time in which you can only equate progress with traveling.." (he's a neuroscientist btw) i hope this isn't true!
i wonder if we'll get slight brain damage from too much car time. our brains just jiggling around in their jelly encasements. i should ask sam...
i've developed a ridiculous new obsession- filing my nails to symmetrical perfection, so my right and left hands are exactly the same. i feel guilty (well, almost) about having all this free time. time to do anything that could possibly be done in a car. what next???

PS- my friend amy and i made a little video for the 'teen vogue' blog that got posted a couple days ago- it's about vintage stores in the bay area.

Europe + UK sights

hey there

it's been a while, we've been computerless in foreign lands,
but we're finally getting around to this again...

the shows over here have been amazing!
we've met many wonderful people, heard, seen and tasted some incredible things -

'roof dog'!!!

pagan rites on the way to Exceter

at our Union Chapel show in London w/ Final Fantasy,
this place was big, beautiful and soo echoey!!!

Gent, Beligum

D-Day re-enacters in Normandy -
also, Obama was in town...

these ones are from the coast of Scotland, near Ayr

Tartan factory in Edinburgh

Scottish hairstyles and fashionz through the ages

Mike's favorite activity during our many ferry rides

climbing outside Quilit-Quilit in Bethune, France