Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mike Carreira's new band:


  1. The original video is gone, Is this the same one?

    I have a feeling it is. Go Mike!

  2. thanks Gareth!

    I went to CMBLS 1st show in Oakland the other day and it totally ruled

  3. Dear Cryptacize!
    I really like your music, I find it great, but it's too pity, that there's no lyrics of your wonderful songs in Web, especially "Blue Tears". It's my favourite one since I've discovered it. I don't speak English well (sorry, if in this message I've made some mistakes), and I hardly can distinguish the words on hearing - I cannot understand some of them. So it absolutely makes me sad. Could you please publish "Blue Tears" lyrics or, if it's possible, the other lyrics? For example, right there. I will be so happy!
    Best, Vadim.
    PS: Thanks beforehand! Really like to see you in Russia!