Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello ! Cryptacize has been so quiet lately. I suppose it's safe to say we're taking a break. So I wanted to give any interested parties a lil' update.
Chris is writing stuff for his solo project, The Curtains. He's on tour right now drumming with White Magic in Europe. He's also been recording and playing a bit with Cass McCombs.
I am also writing a solo record which I'm going to record with the incredible Kenny Gilmore (he plays keyboard and guitar in Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti) in March. I'm super excited!
Just returned from 2 months of singing with Sufjan Stevens. So fun.
What else. I'm thinking of starting a love advice column..maybe in the form of a blog. If anyone has any ideas send them over!
Hope everyone has a thrilling holiday season and see you in '11


  1. wonderful! i'm so excited about all the new music!

    ALSO: do the love advice column. i'd love to kick start this thing with a question of my own so let us know where to ask!


  2. Cool, been on the lookout for new Cryptacize stuff since you put out that demo track a few months ago. (which you NEED to record properly)
    ho hum, just have to wait.
    Are Cryptacize doing any Christmas shows?

  3. I hope it's really just taking a break and not "just taking a break." Mythomania is one of the best things to happen to music in recent years. Found out about you guys when I saw you at the Mohawk in Austin and was just totally blown away. Have been crazy about the band since. Such inventive minimalist songwriting.

    I wanted to send you guys a link to my album:

    Looking forward to hearing the solo stuff from all of you.

    <3 Thor

  4. first column! How can i marry you nedelle?!

  5. Really looking forward to hearing your new music Nedelle..I've been so inspired by some Cryptacize songs like Tail and Mane and Blue Tears...Really beautiful,fresh and magical.Such good songwriting.I can't believe you're not better known :)

  6. Skylight Books just blogged about how you can buy Mythomania in the store: http://skylightbooks.tumblr.com/

  7. It's almost May. Where dat solo album at?