Thursday, March 5, 2009

the eternal city (mix#3)

here's a new mix -
a little more on the rock tip but with a mellow 'front end'

like the new font color??

Mort Garson "Baby's Tears Blues"
Yoro Diallo dit Fernando Moutchatcha "Talassa"
Baby Washington "Move On Drifter"
Queen "Brighton Rock"
The Electric Eels "Cyclotron"
Black Black "The Most! The Best! The Greastest! Forever!"
Saccharine Trust "I Have"
Kenneth Higney "No Heavy Trucking"
T. Rex "Chariot Choogle"
Bruno Castiglia e I Bisonti "Crudele"
Royal Trux "Hashish"
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester "Horses On a Stick"
Rey King "Where Are the Children?"
Rod Rogers "Little Rug Bug"
Theola Kilgore "This Is My Prayer"
Roy Smeck "Nifty Pickin'"
Little Willie John "I'm Shakin'"
The Coasters "Along Came Jones"
Prez Prado "Ni Hablar"
Duke Ellington "Three Dances: West Indian Dance, Emancipation Celebration, and Sugar Hill Penthouse"
Nina Simone "Mood Indigo"
Howlin' Wolf "Forty-Four"

 I just realized Prez Prado's been on every mix so far


  1. these mixes are so rad!
    I love your jams too.

    would you like to contribute a mix or guest post on Porch of the Mystics?

  2. thank you for the mixes. what a thoughtful thing to post:)