Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cryptacize + Pink

we are suddenly opening more shows for Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti for the rest of the month!!

here are the shows - hope you can make one.

but please take note, our drummer Mike is not going to be able to make this tour (though he is playing tonight in SF and will be on upcoming tours) -
our old friend Corey Fogel is coming along instead though...
he's never played our songs, and we won't really be able to practice beforehand, but Corey says he's listened to our cd a bunch???
I think it's going to be fun though,
something new at any rate

well, maybe see you around!


  1. ohhh boy, this is gonna be interesting. toss some other odd experimental element into the mix, whydon'cha? Like, I dunno, singing through a megaphone while on helium. you're singing through telephones now and you got this temp drummer guy. I think you've found your performance signature with the unpredictability factor. I hope I can make it to this unique evening.