Monday, March 23, 2009

report from Denver

here's a few snapshots from our tour so far -

tonight we played a drummerless show in Denver without Corey...
this was one of the two shows he couldn't do with us, but we're meeting back up with him in Chicago in a few days.
so far the shows have been a blast

we really dig Haunted Graffiti every night and their audience are nice

but - the situation here right now is that Aaron's got some dental problems!
it's pretty bad actually - Aaron went to a dentist this morning in Salt Lake City
and the guy wanted to give him a root canal, but had to deal with an abscess in his gums first!
so Aaron's got some weird tube in his mouth now and is popping painkillers hourly.
today we drove through some crazy snowstorms

Nedelle and Joey, this was a nice dog in Portland

last minute practice w/ Corey at Ari's parents house in Seattle, very nice and clean here

new hats

a great show in Missoula Montana for 5 dancing guys
one of them yelled at Aaron: "Gulp down that beer and start dancin'!"

delicious breakfast in Portland
I ate "scrapple"

Aaron bought some fried snacks!

Greg, Ari and Aaron -
Fred, Ari's dad fixed Nedelle's shoe!

now we're headed to Minneapolis, Chicago and on


  1. cute shoes! Glad they got fixed. Say HI to Corey for me! Sending telepathic Good Show vibrations...